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Southern Canyons 14/11


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Gidday all,

well I got out on my mate Grants boat on sunday along with a mate called steve,hit the sonic boom as we crossed botany as it was glassed out at 700 and went down to shark island to get a load of slimeys for trolling with.

We came across two schools of salmon on the way,one just under the light house and the other just in front of boat harbour at kurnell. Had a few casts and hooked four fish before pulling the pin and getting to the island for........no baitfish what so ever!,temp at 16.2c ,very green soupy and icky looking.We were not even able to scrare up a sweep!.

Went out to the Southern Fad where we started trolling as the water had gone to 20.1 and headed south east to the canyons,apart from a few birds the only fish we came across was those that we heard on the radio that were at browns mountain or around it anyway!. We persevered and I decided that a move further east to find some better water was in order,came across several pods of dolphins and some sauries when we came across two acres of rippling stripeys that were feeding .They were quite happy to go on feeding as we played indians for about 1/2 an hour then had a change of plan and spun one up on a chrome slice and promptly bridled it up .This went out on a down rigger and we went out looking for another for the top, after idling around for another 1/2 hr the school sounded and dissapeared.

Put the stripey on ice and started trolling again with the swell and headed back to botany via the canyons again ,the only action we saw was from stripeys and a school of very enthusiastic frigates.

Came back in really close and picked up 6 flathead to show to the wife and called it a day.

A bit dissapointing as we had travelled 90km and had found some good bait ,only trouble was there did not appear to be anything else there!!,still I read about what happened out at Browns and we were getting reports of dolphin fish over 10kg's and one boat reported loosing a Blue???,that was estimated at 200kg,ahh well thats fishing I guess.

Next time!


I just realised the date should have been the 13th

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Bad luck mate, i had a similar day on Sat at Browns and from all the reports i must have been the only one not to get a yellow fin. Saw a guy at the ramp who went to the Southern cannyons on Sat and he got 3 yfin. Just got to be at the right place at the right time i suppose :1badmood:

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