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Sp Advice For Botany Bay


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G'day Folks,

Until now, most of my fishing has been soaking bait. I have caught a couple of good flatties landbased with SP's however have never had a dig from the boat.

We are heading out this coming Saturday and was after a tip on suitable SP's to try in the bay for Trevs, Flatties and other miscellaneous piscatorial monsters we are likely to find. Also, just an idea on the best retrieve (slow retreive , jerk etc) to suit.

Thanks for the tips lads, i am getting tired of buying bait so fingers crossed this works! :074:


Rob :1fishing1:

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go for the 3" bass minnows (now called power minnows) if you want to cover most species with the one lure, they will catch trevs, flatskies, bream and probably most other fish that swim by.

the best retrieve is to cast into the drift, let it sink, jerk it, wind in the slack, watch the line sink and go limp (that means ur on the ground), jerk it, wind in the slack.... and so it goes on

good luck saturday :thumbup:

Thanks Chris - much appreciated as always! :thumbup:

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