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Googong Goldens


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I spend last weekend exploring Googong Dam, just outside of Queanbeyan with an old mate of mine Murray. It lacks timber but its a great looking dam with exceptionally clear water, party due to being an electric motor only impoundment. I last visited Googong in late february when another mate and i got into a few cod. This time we only saw yellowbelly and plenty of small redfin. The fishing wasn't hot although we caught enough fish to keep us interested and sighted plenty more. We spent quite some time fishing from the bank, which was a good chance to stretch the legs and it was great to watch the yellowbelly cruise in behing your lure, although frustrating when they turned away at the last second or struck, but failed to hook up. The area has had a fair bit of rain recently and the dam had risen a metre or more which meant a lot of the bankside vegetaion was now covered and the boat ramp has re-opened.

One of the most interesting things we saw took place in a small bay with a steep hilside, which had water flowing into the bay via a small waterfall. We'd seen something strange in the corner of the bay and gone in to check it out, on closer in spection there was at least 5 yellowbelly of around 40-50cm's flopping around in the shallows with there fins an tails out of the water and right below the canoe there was another 10 or 15, we sat there for several minutes and so did the fish flapping away with their fins out. We had no idea what they were doing, but they weren't intersed in our lures. I took some video footage, but its about 8mb's. Upon asking another fisho the following day he said that they would have most likely been breeding, which would make sense.



the old faithful Nu


Murray's best casting near the wall


my first

a couple more pics


Great looking dam


this Yella, fell to a jackall cherry which was easy to work over the weedbeds


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Well done there Lizard ,Some very nice pics of the scenery and nice goldens too.Seeing as the dam is electric only can you still have your petrol motor on the back or does it have to be removed ???

Cheers Stewy

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Great report as usual Lizard. :thumbup:

Are you getting video footage of all your captures?

Will we be seeing a new fishing video out soon perhaps? :biggrin2:



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On an interesting side note, Rob Paxevanos pointed out in his regular Canberra Times/Fishnet column that the newly-covered foliage/shrubs is prime spawning estate for the Yellowbelly. The opportunities provided thanks to the rising water should do the fish population much good!

Artilce: http://fishnet.com.au/default.aspx?id=227&...erReportId=4015

Seeing as this is also my first post here, I would like to add my congratulations and thanks to the Fishraider forums. The wealth of knowledge shared here is incredibly helpful!


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Cheers guys, yep, gotta love the serenity!

G'day Stewy, Petrol motors must be removed and you cannot have any fuel on board, unless yor the ranger :1prop:

Shane, unfortunately no video on the cards at this stage, but Its something that I'd love to do, even if it was just for myself and mates to view.

James, Welcome to the site, thanks for info on spawning, I checked out the link interesting stuff I like the articles and fishing show's Rob Paxevanos does.


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