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Botany Bay 18/11/05


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Tried to post the yesterday couldn’t get into the site for some reason :wacko: so sorry about the lateness of the report.

Fished the same spot as Monday for bugger all we did not get a touch no even little snapper wanted to harass us so went over to molineaux point. We had no live baits or squid so we didn’t fancy our chances of getting a king, we tried flicking a SP about with no luck but did catch a couple of bream 1 blurter and 1 flatty on bait but that was it for molineaux point but while we were there we were checked by fisheries, good to see them out and about :thumbup: . We mover around the bay for the rest of the day throwing plastics at different structures in hope of a king but had no luck also tried various flatty drifts for one more average flatty but I did managed to catch a few little snapper on bass minnows. :biggrin2:

mick with bream he caught


mick with the one of the flatties he caught


mick with the tevally he caught


as you might have guessed mick caught everthing :biggrin2:

one of my lure caught little snapper


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