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Best Day On The Water


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Hows it goin all. Well today was probably the best day i have ever had on the water, it was just a ripper. Put the boat in at about 9 this morning (old mans b-day last, got pissed). When we got to the ramp there was a crazy line up of ski boats, mad lookin things they are (im getting me one me thinks). We find out the bridge to bridge is on so we head up to bar point anchor and watch these awesome boats go thrue, the V8's are wicked to listen to and to watch as well. After that was over we decided to go out and drift outside Palm Beach for a feed of flatties. Before we start the drift i spotted a whale, now this is a first of our boat and my oldman and i have never seen one before. I was so so sooooo stoked to see this, but what made it even better was it had a Calf and this thing did 2 jumps completely out of the water about 4-5metres away. F##KIN MAGIC. I was cheering screaming like a nutcase.

Before i forget, we did some fishing as well, droped down the baits, and as soon as they were on the bottom, double hook up, Dad gets his fish in the boat and i loose mine boat side, SPEWIN. Dads was a monster flatty and mine even bigger but didnt get it. Landed another 5 flatties, and have a good feed for tomorrow night.

What a Day, who cares about the fishing when i saw Whales, and wicked V8 boats fangin it in the hawksbury. Thats it. WICKED>

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Well done Knapers,

I agree with you on the whales. We were off Dee Why a few weeks back when a whale of only 4 metres or so decided to circle our boat for two hours. We just completely forgot about the fish while this majestic creature kept circling us, surfacing right behind the boat!

It was awesome!

And well done on the flatties as well.

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They are an awesome sight when they breach, and to think people pay big bucks to see them if they are lucky. Once you have seen them for your self, you can easily understand why people get so excited when they get to see Whales.

You certainly were able to get a lot of action to fit into your day and a feed of fish to cap it off. I am with you Knapers 90%; it’s just that I can’t help myself when it comes to fishing.


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It is something that i will never ever forget, the sad part is they are going south to be greeted by Japanese "researches", pretty sad really. This Calf jumping out of the water was something that gave me goosbumps. Same with the V8 ski boats.

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