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Outboard Troubles


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Hi everyone.

I have recently purchased a second hand tinny with an old evinrude 6hp "fisherman" serial: 6602E. We took it out for its first spin yesterday and the motor doesnt want to really rev when in gear, it would only put along slowly but when in neutral it revved fine, although it would take a few seconds before it would respond to opening up the throttle. I think it has an ignition problem because I had it running with the cover off and I got a shock when I touched the spark plug lead. Plugs look a tad old, leads look very old but apart from that everything else seems fine.

I have a lot of experience fixing old cars and I want to fix this motor up myself but I'm not sure if I'm going to run into any snags. I found this page: http://www.maxrules.com/fixtuneitup.html which has some great info and I'm trying to pull it apart to get to the electricals but I can't get the damn flywheel off my motor! I cant hold it in place well enough to crack the nut loose, any suggestions??

I just want to know firstly if I should I be doing this myself or should I really be taking this to an expert?? I hate paying people to do jobs that I am perfectly capable of doing myself! secondly, what are the problems that could cause this?? (the carby doesnt have a high rpm mixture adjusting screw, only low rpm.. .this was my first assumption as to what was wrong) and thirdly.. provided I am safe to be working on this thing myslef... how do I hold the flywheel solid so I can get the nut off, and then will the flywheel come off easily, it doesnt appear to have any threads where I can screw a steering wheel puller into as indicated on that website??

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:1welcomeani: Zoso,

Should be a piece of cake.

Insert a large square shafted flatblade screwdriver between the flywheel and the cylinder block and gently lever up to lock the flywheel. Undo the nut and unscrew to the top of the thread, and while still pulling up give the top of the crank a gentle smack with a hammer, which will 'jar' the flywheel loose off the tapered crank. Take the nut right off and lift off the flywheel.

Leaving the nut on stops you from mushrooming the crank thread, and also from the flywheel flying off when it jars loose.

The edges of a square shafted screwdriver should be enough to bite in on the flywheel to lock it.

Clean and reset point gaps as a starting point.

Hope this helps

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Cheers guys, thanks for the welcome!

I slapped myself for not thinking of the screwdriver as I've taken flywheels off a few cars now... anyway, I cracked the nut fine but couldnt get it off the taper, went down to the auto shop and got myself a harmonic balancer puller which got it off no worries. The coils look fine, leads are shot so are the plugs and the points look like they could be re-set so hopefully this should sort out the little motor.

Thanks heaps for the help!

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