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Weekend Madness


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Hi fishos,

Another report here for u all with mixed results. On saturday i had the chance to chase kings and sambos in the harbour as my vessel restricts me from that sort of fishing. I got pumped as all my large overhead gear and larger spining gear got dusted off and readied. I got shown the best yakka grounds as the fish literally swarmed around the boat and a few dozen were sacrificed to the bucket. At this stage i felt that we were in for a monster day, blood rushing stuff that makes us go back week after week.

First issue was once we found the bait schools just outside north head there were the most inconsiderate assholes that i have seen on the water. People cutting in front of you to fire off a cast, driving over the bait schools, snagging each other. We were literally too nice to compete with these over eager fishos so reluctantly we left to find our own private idaho. This didn't happen. We made our way to long reef with the craziest driver on the planet... didn't know what a 5m centre console was made out of till saturday... boy it copped some punishment. Once there the only fish we caught were the ususal resident reef fish; sweep, wrasse, sgt baker and cod. Floated out some livies but no touches. We headed in to try some of the marker bouys but once again no interest... except from a well fed shag that ate all our livies off the hooks...bloody bloody. In we came with a feed albeit not what we were after.

On Sunday i needed my usual sp fix so no surprise folks, back to BB we go. I had a dude from work with me who wanted to see what all this sp garbage was about. I had talked it up for months so now the proof was going to definately be in the pudding.

As it turned out the day was slow, it was the wrong tide and we worked hard for our fish. But unfortunately it was the day of lost opportunities, my mate got busted up by a jew of large propotions... spewin. We landed 11 flatties, returned just as many smallies, 2 pike, 1 small red bream and 1 trumpeter whiting (foul hooked). Now this may sound good, and upon reflection it is i guess but we have been spoilt lately and this seemed a very slow day indeed. In fact it was the least successful day we have had in the bay since we first started sp fishing a few years back with 11 keepers ( the previous worst was 12 keepers). Cant win em all i guess. My mate said he had the best day so i think that salvaged the day a lot.

Bring on the rain... please

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Hi sharky,

We our fish using a variety of sp's. No one sp stood out among em. We got em on squidgy fish in black gold, wrigglers in white and pink tail, red rum with yellow tail, bloodworm with silver tail, silver fox with yellow tail, and the killer tomato. Berkley PM's in pink lemonade, pseed, silver ghost and atomic 3'' fat grubs in green gord and appleseed. Now how can you glean any info from that. It shows how far we went to get the fish. Some days we only ever tie on the one sp for the entire day. We tryed sp's we have never tied on b4. Good thing is some of the 'untested' sps worked expanding the knowledge base further. I guess that is what its all about..

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I know what you mean. I had the new rig out on sunday (simply awesome!) and the bay was s - l - o - w. Spent most the day trying to catch livies intended for a king or two. After we had enough of catching zip we decided to hit up a few hidey holes for ye ol' mulloway. Managed 2 jew 76cm and 78cm, not bad.

Lets hope it heats up on the pelagic front. I missed out on all the Salmon fun due to exams and the jew just aren't giving up that blazing speed and stamina that the kingies and sambos do...

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