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All Fishing Problems Solved

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I only read it breifly.. but was thinking specifically of the things that I do as a hobby...

1) Live baiting: Couple of rules here I could be breaking all at the same time..

i.e am i being cruel to an animal by inflecting a wound.. or am I using a live animal to bait another?

2) Piggin with Dogs: Well that a 20 Million + industry (in QLD Alone) that just got a lot harder.. but maybe the Govt will let me buy my guns back from the last buy back?

(Just dont miss, as you are then willfully wounding an animal)

3) Working with Cattle: Gotta throw away the cattle prods and get into the crush these days.. as you arn't allowded to use electrical devises on an animal anymore ( would like to see a greenie in a crush with a 500kg+ limosin bull that has an attidude)

Dont get me wrong.. I am totally against cruelty to animals.. and if I see an animal in distress then I will do anything to fix the problem..

but some of these rules.. if adheared to by the "letter" would even stop you spraying cockroaches (Baiting without a permit!!)..

and my final bitch..

Muelsing Sheep, true.. not the prettiest of pictures....but have you ever seen one flyblown?

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Ditto coach

I only red it quickly but what i could get the jist of was its open to alot of interpretation!

There is a bit of wording there isn't there.. so maybe i missed the "Commonsence clause"

If there is one, then I will remove my previous remarks.

Would still like to see a greenie face a limosin bull with attidude though!!!

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