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Hey all,

The last time i got my boat serviced i was over charged and well the guy was a bit of a nob.

Just wondering if anyone knows of any good places to take her. I live in Pymble on the North Shore.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Matt - I live just up the road in Turramurra and am considering buying a boat from Yabbie with a Suzuki on the tail but had concerns about driving all the way South for service every 6 months. They told me they have a number of clients on the North Shore and offer a mobile service here on the North Shore. Give Eric a buzz at Yabbie.

Cheers, hope it helps


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getting to yabbie would be a bit of a hike for you but it would be well worth it. the guy's there are real pro's.

i got my johno serviced there recently and they did a brilliant job.

they are quick and friendly, and give a discount to fishraiders.

then when you pick it up your only a stones throw from botany bay so you can get out and have a fish :thumbup:

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