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Dora Creek


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Good going Diane,

Good to see some reports from the Dora Creek area!

How far from the entrance to the Lake where you?

What did you catch it on/with ??


About 2km and I caught it on a chunk of mullet and fairly large long shank hook. Can't say I didn't have help, David (my better half) did the cleaning!! We do need our men!!!

good work, nice to see that there are some female on this site. and id love to find me a fishing girl....as im single! :(

what did u catch it on and where is dora creek?

good work again

Dora Creek is near Morisset and runs into Lake Macquarie. Bait was mullet, large long shank hook and an old telescopic $20 rod with $20 reel!!!!! Good luck with finding a fishing girl - we are a rare species!!

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