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Soft Plastic Success


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Hey All,

Had my first big success on the SP's today, woo hoo. Fished iron cove up from UTS rower for 2 flatties. Caught 4, lost 2 and released 2.

I've been trying at Lane cove and Iron cove with no success and have read Ken's articles (Thanks) and watched and read. Fished the high tide at 5pm this arvo on the run out tide. Plastics were 3" power minnow in watermelon, 4" powerminnow in blue shad and ecogear paramax grub in watermelon.

Big solid hits and good hook ups, had such an awsome time and carried on like Adam Royter of the Berkley DVD.



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Guest maraudingmado

Maybe because everything is starting to warm up e.g. coming into summer, warm water currents :thumbup:

Well.........all except for the last few days :05::1fishing1::1badmood:

Also probably because more people are getting out :1fishing1:

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