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Botany Bay Weekender


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Hi Raiders,

My usual posts of good news stories have been replaced by times of hardship. I know it is only temporary as this rain will stir things up a little and wash the fish outta the upper reaches.

For the third week in a row i took out a greenhorn to sp's in order to convert them to this exciting style of fishing. This has actually worked on the previous two newbies even though by our standards fishing has been tough. We arrived at the ramp at 5am and right on the turn of the tide. Weather was perfect and the time ideal as we started our onslaught. Usually we locate the fish straight away but on this occasion i was finding it difficult to find em. With the sketicism growing we managed to catch a couple pike (kept for the crab pots) to ease the speculation. Unbelieveablyit tokk a few hour b4 we manged to catch our first keeper flat... at around 55cm.

The rain stopped play though and we upped stumps at around 1130 with three flats and two pike and threw back two small flats as well. This was undisputably the least unsuccessful day we have had in this water way in 3 years.

Dont dispair though... this has made me more resiliant and i will improve my detective skills and locate other areas to fall back on in times of need. Ill let you know how i go :1fishing1:

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Ive heard the flatties have been a bit slow in the bay of late, you may have to go looking for those jews again :biggrin2:

yea mate wouldnt suprise me there slow coz kevvies been out every week hunting them dwn with SP'S hahaha :074::074::074::074:

cheers steve

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Guest maraudingmado

I am like you Jewnut...too many fishless days at the Hawkesbury but maybe I need to move around a bit. I am always at the spot that "fired" last week :1badmood:

Next time I will try spots I don't usually fish.

Only a matter of time for more great days fishing Kevvie from you. A lean day now and again only helps the anticipation of good times ahead. :thumbup::thumbup:

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:1crybaby: thanks guys for the support.... i really dont mind the tough days cause it teaches perseverence.

I'm going to take a few off from botany and start to fish places again like Wyong River, LC River, Tuggerah,

and so forth. I have had moderate success in these places (except tuggerah where we killed the fish last year) and some practise is in order. I will report my findings to you all and see whether the bay is really a cut above everywhere else. :1fishing1:

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