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Hello fellow Fishers!! i'm from central west nsw and will be having a crack at st Georges basin next month. I'm wondering if anyone can help me out with ANY advice on where, when, how i can get among some fish.. Cheers in advance everyone!

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November is a good month in The Basin for big flathead.

Assuming you have a boat, you can do a lot worse than concentrating around the south east corner. By that I mean anywhere from about a kilometer south of Wrights Beach around to the mouth of Sussex Inlet. Fish on the deep side of the ribbon weed edges that are easily seen on google earth and if you have a good sounder its worth trying to locate bait schools.

All the usual methods work but 3 to 5 inch soft plastics and vibes work best for me.

If you don't do any good there try some of the shallower bays where the water temp is a little warmer.


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