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Northern Beaches fishing


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Planning a trip to north curl curl or Dee Why tomorrow afternoon/evening, have been to north curl curl at night and it wasn't much of a successful trip.

Just looking for any tips/advice on where to fish around these beaches, I've read on a couple of other topics to stick closer to the rocks (e.g Dee Why Head @ North Curl Curl) but wasn't that great the last time we went. Also, have watched a number of videos about reading a beach/finding a gutter but can't seem to apply it.

I'm only a beginner so I know these things take time, just looking for some tips from some of the experienced people around here

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go at low tide to see the structure then mark out where you want to fish and come back at high. going at night to look for gutters and holes is difficult. also it can be hard to see structure when the swell it too high or low as it wont be as obvious.. i also find it nearly impossible to spot structure if im at water level unless there is a huge huge hole with 0 water at all

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