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Yes i did the same when i bought a 5 metre Brooker tiller steer. This was way too big a boat for a tiller. Plus I like to have full vision over the bow when navigating.

It was a simple one day job, after buying all the bits to change it to a side console.

For the seat i bought a eskie with a padded top and screw fixed it to the floor.

Most modern day out boards will allow you to easily change them from tiller steer to forward steer.


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On 12/21/2019 at 10:36 AM, sydney south said:

I like the comfort and visibility of either a side console, centre console or forward control. Especially when I have other people on board.

Makes sense. The older, larger tinnies i’d definitely opt for a console for the reasons you mentioned. A smaller tinny with the new hulls and side decks it think a tiller is better as you maximise  space which is important especially for sub 14 foot boats. Here is a pic of how I have organised my tiller set up - works for me 


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