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Its been a while !


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G'day Raiders

I've been renovating the house and haven't been out in almost 4 months. Work has also been going gangbusters. For anyone who's interested, now is the time to be buying property as we are the foot of another property boom (albeit not as big as our last cycle)

I apologize as I haven't really had the time to contribute.

Finally getting out this weekend! What's on the chew off Sydney? Have the bonito showed up yet ? 

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1 hour ago, motiondave said:

I'm ok in Sydney. I bought my block over 20 years ago for $50k with old fibro home. Took out more to put new build on it. It's worth a "bit" more now but big deal. 

 It's almost paid off but the general cost of living is so high now , I'm struggling as it is👍

I couldn't imagine trying to do it now, bought my house 30 years ago in a sleepy little village for $24k, the yuppies discovered the place as a holiday haven and now the agent has listed it for around 1.2 million. 

Sounds great, but sad to be forced out of your home because you're surrounded by holiday rentals and people that want to party 7 days a week into the early hours.

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4 hours ago, motiondave said:


.not when the 3 bed fibro on 560m block across the road is asking $800k.

F.... No 

Well you are fortunate enough to already own a property. Not all people are in that boat.

For anyone who is looking to buy their first home ! Now is the time before prices get ridiculous again. Interest rates are down too!

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