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Ramsgate Beach 19 December 2019


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High wind forecast for the next few days but there are some small windows in between allow some decent fishing time. Planned to fish early this morning before the wind pickup at around 3pm.  Late night as usual. Didn't leave the house until 10:30am and almost didn't make it out of the house with the 42 degree heat outside. Pickup some weed and got to Ramsgate Beach at around 11:30pm.

I bought an umbrella with me this time just to protect me from the hot sun. It didn't really help much as the haze still covered the whole sky...what sun? There are No breeze and simply HOT. 

Anyway, i grabbed a small yellowtail scad from the freeze this morning. I sometime do that, so if there are some big fishes about, i can cut up the yellowtail scad to catch some live bait to catch those big one. I don't know what come over me this morning. Maybe seeing something big chasing after my blackfish or heard some story of Kingie being caught with lure nearby from my last session over a week ago.  I am determine to catch some live bait. So for the next hour and a half, it is man against this(see what is in my hand).




It takes me a whole hour to find out what has been taking my bait and take them the next half hour to finish off the rest of my yellowtail flesh.  No decent live bait, just 3 tinny snappers. No grudges against them so all release back into the water as best as i can. 

Anyway, enough distraction so back to blackfish fishing. There are bites but not so frequent and hard to hookup. Maybe it is because it is the peak of the high tide?! I burley like mad to improve the situation. Well... i didn't over burley but it did help i think. By 3pm, the wind had pickup as forecast and making fishing very difficult unless you don't mind getting wet. At the end, i take home 7 keepers.  2 just over 27cm , the rest average about 29cm and the biggest 34cm. At least not going home empty handed.



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