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Xmas morning quicky


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Haha, new the title would make you look!!!!!

Anyway with all the kings about I couldn't resist in taking a couple of newbies out for a quick session this morning. Once again the kings were on fire, taking surface lures and jigs as soon as they hit the water. I knocked over a few but ended up having to stay as the net man as four way hook ups was getting a bit crazy in thevlittle rib.

My youngest daughter hardly ever fishes but now has a boyfriend who does, so even she got in on the action releasing 18 herself. Unfortunately she got well and truly dusted on a couple of 20kg+ fish. Eldest hardcore daughter was not with us as she had to do the dinner with her boyfriends family!!!!!!....she was not amused.

All up we released in excess of 80 fish, lost a few to seals and sharks and kept two to give to friends.

Back at it tomorrow with my eldest daughter before she gets back into work on the charter boats.









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13 hours ago, Berleyguts said:

Yes, the title made me look. I’m apparently too tired these days for a morning quicky, Christmas or otherwise! 😂

Great effort on the kings!

Nearly pissed myself when I saw your response @Berleyguts. I’ve given up trying & I think that’s why I now have arthritis in both my hands 😂

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3 hours ago, frankandfish said:

What a session @JonD 80 fish in the boat is sensational! I would be happy with one king in the yak. What was the location? I’m based on the northern beaches would love to know if there is a spot around here that fished that good. 

These have been on the northern end of Montague island, though there have been plenty inshore around the headlands too. Some of my daughters spearfishing friends are getting some good Kings around Sydney around the headlands too.

Yesterday we broke a 40-80 terez on a fish, though most were undersized. Boxing Day was tough as leather jackets that knocked off a few lures. Having my kids friends staying at the moment means we've been heading out most days, so it's nice having a day away from it today ( to buy a rod replacement and more lures). Lost count of the fish we released yesterday but most of the time my three crew were all hooked up at the same time and I struggled to keep up netting kings. It was a case of leaving the fish in the net and quickly removing the hook then on to the next.

I did drop my light gear down every now and then and found a very slow jig action worked better than speed jigging. Literally the Kings would hit my jigs even if they were still, this also resulted in 7 thumper trevaly which are on the menu this evening.

These jigs outperformed the usual speed jigs and would probably suit yak fishing also.IMG_3512.thumb.JPG.39efb5d1bdd3f8c8834e8e27074017c5.JPGIMG_3512.thumb.JPG.39efb5d1bdd3f8c8834e8e27074017c5.JPG


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Legend cheers mate. Might have to go for a paddle around Quarantine / North Head and give these jigs a go. How light was the gear you were fishing? I’m running a penn 5500 on a 5-8kg GX2, 30lbs braid 30 Fluro leader. 80+Gram jigs might be a bit heavy for my setup.

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