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Bate Bay flatties


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Needed a feed of fish, so headed out early this morning to Bate Bay. With the forecast days of nor-easters until New Year's Eve, the water surface will become choppy, so thought I would beat the wind. Little wind or drift this morning, but the nor-east wind chop was there from last night's wind.

Started fishing at sunrise, and finished before 8am, heading back as the wind increased speed a little. Not big fish, with some throwbacks early on, but enough for a few feeds for myself and family members. Cannot eat ham every day.

A few penguins near the boat early on, squawking for a while then finally diving.





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3 hours ago, Rebel said:

Beats eating Turkey and Prawns.

Already had prawns a couple of nights ago, now cooking a turkey breast and veges, to be washed down by a bottle of chilled sparkling shiraz.    :gathering:     Flattie fillets tomorrow night.

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