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Sydney Kings Come out to Play


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Sloppy swell and strong winds have made the harbour uncomfortable for the past week. Added to this has been a heap of traffic and very full car parks at all the ramps. Never the less, Friday provided a window to get out for a quick fish with my nephew and his son for a few hours, I wasn’t too confident of getting kings, but there have been heaps of salmon and mackerel schools from the Bridge to middle harbour, so I thought we’d have some fun casting on light gear. They’ve been feeding on small white bait so “matching the hatch”  with 10gm metals and 3” (white) plastics has been their downfall and great fun on 6-8lb gear.

The salmon were all in the 2-3kg range and gave the young bloke a real working over as he was not used to “playing” a fish. After bagging some salmon we turned our focus to Kingies. Ben got smoked by two big ones until we bagged several, biggest going 90 cm. It was a great introduction to catching Kingies.


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How lucky is he (and your nephew). Good onya for taking them out. Surely an experience that they will never forget. 2019 saw me catch my first Kingie (thanks to Derek D). Although it was only a small one it was an exciting experience, nontheless. Cheers, bn

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Hi Anthman, sorry to take a while to reply. I get most of my kings on fresh (live or recently killed) squid or cuttlefish. At the moment they have been taking smaller jigs (1.8 -2.5) Mostly they have been plentiful, but windy days are harder than others.

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