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1770 GBR


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Just did a trip to 1770 and thought I'd give you all the low down

15hrs drive from central coast

Great boat ramp 3 lane

Plenty of parking

Bar was pretty basic once you know the channel

Grounds start at 6nm out and improve to  34nm where the atolls are,. You can stay out there either camp or moor in the lagoon

I only got 15nm out due to conditions and commitments

Heaps of fish 

More sharks than I expected

Very difficult to pull big fish out of more than 25m as the sharks are quick... 

Rating 8/10



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Tusk fish Heads cma e back fro the tax man other than that they took the whole fish and hooked up and caused Alot of back pain 

We were fishing a red emperor spot with some other boats near us bringing up red emp heads 

Next time I'll be focussing on fishing shallower water ie outer reef 



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