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My Sp Fishing Kit.


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Hi Guy's (and Gal's)

I was just going through my SP bag and I got thinking. I thought I might put the contents of my kit up here and maybe see if anyone else would put theirs up.

Squidgy Spin 7' (2-4kg line, 2-12g cast weight)

Okuma Mystique 2000

3" Folding knife

Baby-Nail Scissors

Long-Nose Pliers

30+ Sunscreen

Seamstress' Measuring Tape

Cloth Nappy

Heavy Duty Garbage Bag

Mesh Berley Bag

20m Cord

First-Aid Kit

Can of John West Sardines in oil

Berkley Fireline 4lb smoke

Siglon Tough 8lb Mono

Berkley Vanish 10lb Flouro

Berkley Vanish 8lb Flouro

Gamakatsu Round size 2 Hook: 1/32oz, 1/22oz, 1/16oz, 1/8oz

Gamakatsu Round size 1/0 Hook: 1/8oz

Gamakatsu size 2 "Dropshot" (Unweighted)

Owner Weedless size 4 Hook: Unweighted, Round 1/16oz

TT Size 1 Hook 1/12oz Bullet Head

Nitro Size 4 Hook 1/24oz Bullet Head

Daiwa Worm Hook Size 1 (Unweighted)

Squidgies Size 2 Hook Resin Head

Atomic 2" Grubs: Amber, Avocado Gold, Brown Crawdad, Chartreuse

Berkley 2" Minnow: Watermelon, Chartreuse

Berkley 3" Minnow: Bloodworm, Watermelon

Berkley 2" Hawg: Watermelon

Berkley Gulp 2" Grub: Pumpkinseed

Berkley Gulp 5" Worm: New Penny

Squidgies Fish 60mm: Gary Glitter

Squidgies Flickbait 85mm: Flash Prawn

Ecogear Eyeball Tail: Deep Red

Yum Shad Scent Spray

Ecogear SX-40 (SH Guppy flavour)

2 x Surecatch 3": Orange, Transparent Yellow

All this fits neatly into my Daypack with a loaf of stale bread and 2 liters of water (next trip I'm taking more water!).



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Ritchie , I found this an excellent post for as someone new to SP's :thumbup:

Between Ken's SP articles on the homepage and your tackle kit contents list a lot of questions were answered for me....especially on the jig heads and SPs

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Interesting post Richie -

Got me thinking if I could remember what was in my bag without looking. Understand the nappy thing but a bit unsure about the tinned Sardines. Assume you use for berley or do you gobble up with the stale bread ?

Anyway here goes :

Tackle :

Loomis GL3 7’ 2 -4 kg

Team Daiwa Advantage # 1500

Assorted plastics :

Mostly Atomic fatgrubs, paddle tails, Berkley minnows, Power hawgs, Sqidgies and twitchin nippers etc.

½ doz hard bodies SX40s and 48’s

Jig Heads :

Brands too numerous to mention from 1/32 to ¼ oz (I tip out of there packets and into a little flat 12 compartment box so a bit hard to identify apart from the weights which I write in each compartment)

Worm hooks weighted and unweighted.

Leaders :

Siglon 6lb

Nitlon 8lb

Miscellaneous stuff :

Stainless long nose pliers

Sml soft tape measure

Keeper net

Braid scissors

Bottle of ultrabite

Tube of Halco Catch scent saltwater fluro-glo

Small oil stone

Little retractable lanyard pinned to the Maroko soft plastic bum bag & attached to a bathroom hand towel (bright orange & not missed from the linen press to date) this idea works well as I have released a lot of hand towels to swim off to their freedom in the past.


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