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15hp mariner


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Hey, I have a question regarding a 1988 mariner 15hp. There are two green wires coming from the stator that go to a plug next to the kill switch, wondering if they are a charge circuit or for forward control set up (it is a tiller steer) not having any luck finding a wiring diagram.

Will try and upload photos soon.

Cheers, Dylan

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1 hour ago, Rebel said:

Welcome aboard.

Mariner are made by Mercury. It is worth a look. Good Luck.


Actually I don't thing that is quite right?

I believe 30hp & less Mariner & mercury's were both made by Tohatsu Japan in that era & re badged.


@Djw88, find a Schematic of the wiring & go from there.

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1 hour ago, the diver said:

To add to Kingie chaser`s comment , my Evinrude was also made by Tohatsu and the fuel line fittings Tohatsu not Evinrude. 

Correct 👍 

Tohatsu also made motors with Evinrude badging which I believe was from 2011 onwards on 15hp & lower, that year & size is your Evinrude?

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