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Largest fishing lure to ever catch a fish?


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11 hours ago, rickmarlin62 said:

I had a skirted trolling lure 60cm long 10cm head  two 16/0 s  tagged a 450kg plus blue off goldcoast  2008  cabo classic tournament   towed it on 130 chair rod  short shotgun between the 80s

So 70cm lure 450kg bluefin ? jesus o.o


Not going to lie I'm not exactly sure what the other stuff means lol but very bloody impressive  😦😯😯

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13 hours ago, back cruncher said:

Hi all....what about the lure that looks like a seal that they use to get photos and vids of great white sharks.

true I hadn't thought of those ones. 


are they actually lures though or are they decoy fish


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