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Port Hacking - best place to launch boat


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So am looking to give port hacking a crack some day soon with the boat. After the last few trips into port Botany not being that great (very different to my maiden voyage) i was wondering which is the best sport to launch for port hacking.

looking at the RMS site they say a lot of the ramps around the hacking area you need to be cautious as water is shallow when low tide, is it easier to just launch from foreshore boat ramp and cruise to port hacking?

and what are the recommended spots to have a fish in as per the below map. 


Annotation 2020-01-29 150727.jpg

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Plenty of info one here for the information you seek.


You just have to do a little work in digging for it!



Greys point, plenty of parking easy to use

Yowie bay, little ramp, mostly street parking, sometimes have to walk 5 mins back to ramp.


Haven't used the others.  

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There are no issues with shallow water at ph ramps that I know of except maybe the ramp behind Cronulla near the ferry wharf.  Water St has very limited street parking as well as Wallys Wharf.  Yowie bay ok but parking fills very earlý on weekends.   Greys point not bad but the longest run to ocean. Ron 

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