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Rose bay


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Out on my mates boat tomorrow at rose bay, normally a land based fisho targeting whiting bream flatties salmon etc, no idea where to head but gonna take a selection of baits and hopefully stumble across a few fish. From what I've read depths of around 30m is good for flatties and if I see any bust ups chuck a lure at it. I'm confident with catching whiting so if all else fails I'll try catch some whiting for the table. Anyway that's the "plan" hopefully be putting a post up tomorrow worth posting. 🤞🏻 

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Bryson. I wish you all the best for finding fish out there. It's a big, big world with lots of water and lots of barren wasteland under it, without some sort of knowledge where the structure's are and therefor where the fish are likely to be it's just a wild card driving around with a bait in the water hoping to come across a fish. Hope your mate has some idea where to go, and I assume he has sounder on board which is a great item to have.

Back when I started venturing outside for a fish there were no sounders G P S or anything to assist to help find the spots, We used a compass, we read books and got some sight information like line the red brick house up with the gap in the mountain and line the smoke chimney up with the east end of the bay and things like that. In reality you could be 100.s of yards off the target, we had to do things the hard way, luckily there were more fish about in them days.  These days with all the modern tech equipment the dash board gives you all the information you need.

Please let us know the outcome, good or bad and nonmatter what happens have fun and learn something, as every time you go fishing you always learn something. I'm still learning after more than 60 years on the water.

Good luck.


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