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Penrith Bass

James  Clain

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Had a lot of unsuccess fishing for bass all my life. Fishing wrong times with wrong lures and bad decisions. Decided to knuckle down and think through my approach this time I knew I would catch one and fish at sunrise along banks with topwater just above the Penrith Wier. My mate and I figured that topwater would be especially good because on Feburary 1st the weather prediction was going to be very hot and we figured the cicadas would be really going off. Even though we did not use cicada lures

Caught 2 bass but had multiple hits as you do on topwater, probably about 6 each. I was using a Rapala skitter pop 2" in white frog colour using a subtle but fast vibrating popper action, mine measured around 17cms. My mate caught his first bass landing one around 23cms using a 2" translucent sugarpen with yellow head. Working the lure with a slower side to side action.

Both fish were caught around 7am. We fished a little longer but it suddenly got really hot and grim so we had to scram. Morning temp was around 24 when it jumped to around 35 very quickly. Thought I would add this to the fishing Reports since there have been a few fishing chats about Penrith Bass fishing

I filmed the fishing and have posted it on my youtube channel if you are interested in knowing more :) 



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12 hours ago, wazatherfisherman said:

Well done on the Bass and excellent quality video. Have you tried at the 'goon' yet?

No, travel has been hard really want to get over there before the end of summer though. Do you think poppers are also good on the goon gt?


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