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First jewfish


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2 hours ago, RossyBoy said:

Not bad for My first jewfish ;)

2 hours before high tide on squid 


Ross, stoked for you on your 1st Jew.

Anyway good things to actually make it a report would be to give some more details like general area & maybe gear used, otherwise its something better posted in here-



Reports are supposed to help out the rest of the community not just showcase your catch.

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Hey guys yeh sorry for the brag with no info lol. 
basicly done a night session in Hawkesbury system on a sand bank. 
3rd time fishing this location and between me and my mate 2 nice size Jew has been caught. 
I left my saltiga reel at home due to sand and opted for the Shimano bait runner. Boy did that reel run. Awesome reel. Took me a good five minutes to get this Jew in after a lot of runs. Great fight off the land. 
returned after a picture and swam away beautifully. 
The shark was also a great fight. 
I highly recommend them bait runners off the land. I was using 30lb braid with 50 lb Fluoro leader.. bit overkill but I’m new to Australia waters and I’ve heard there is some big fish out there. I was using full squid baits from a shop. So not fresh and still got a good nights worth of fish. 

there was a moment what had me abit gutted but as I picked up my rod on the left as it was getting a few little bites something nearly took the rod out my hands. I can’t believe the power/heavy of this take but my drag was too loose on the saltist reel and as I tried tightening the drag into it I didn’t keep the pressure on and it was off. This fish had to be a monster the way it pulled. As every fisherman has experienced “I would loved to know what that was” 

learn from your mistakes

few little port Jackson’s came in aswell and a 60cm flathead

cant wait to get back out and hopefully have another fight again.


happy 🎣 

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