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Weekend plan with water quality help


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So i haven't been fishing in a week and abit and i'm itching for a fish. Was looking at saturday and it seems alright.

Low tides 8am hightide 2pm, wind average at 25km, i expect this to change depending on the path cyclone osla (or whatever its name is) course and distance from the coast.

So going off these conditions, i would like to go for  kings at lilli pilli at 6am but with the recent rain it may be pointless. The question is, are the waters still 23-25c? and do kingfish like this coffee brown runoff?

or do i got for jewies at the mouth of the Georges on last 2-3 hrs on the runout and the hightide turn at 2pm  as i know they like these waters?

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1 hour ago, 61 crusher said:

Also have a look at port Hacking report from @Yowie

i did already. made this post as it seemed it was quieter than usual, still got a  haul of fish with a cracker snap.


4 hours ago, Bryant fish said:

Hi have a look at my report on pittwater on Tuesday water was filthy but managed biggest bream I've seen 65 cm flattie+a 40cm snapper at pittwater mouth don't forget clean salt water under dirty crap

Seen your report, cracker bream. hard to fool a fish thats 35 years old. congrats!


5 hours ago, rhysw111 said:

spinning off the heads yesterday morning and hooked up a 67cm king if u watch the water the kings a still biting but out of the brown water just have to look at currents and tides

ps rising tide was the bets time for it

nice! i made my mind up on jewies, haven't caught one in awhile. ill more and likely try and grab a few yakkas tomorrow and leave them overnight.

lilli pilli is also in a bay which is different to on the rocks. not to big on the stones anymore unfortunately 


from previous experience i have noticed certain species of fish move on after big rains, influx of fresh water and dirt and other crap and the water temp changing quite quickly. weather or not its ture, no idea.

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8 hours ago, chokpa said:

I read the water will still be too brown this weekend given rain again today and maybe tomorrow. I went last weekend and it was chocolate brown.. very quiet

Last weekend where I was it was like a cyclone (Saturday) northern beaches area.


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