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Pb Kingy At Last


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Where are the Kings?

Pittwater Sat 3/12

Early start at Bayview saw me on the water at 5.15am and heading to my favourite squid spot where i picked up 2 squid in no time. With a gentle breeze from the west with the forecast saying it was going to get to 20 knots I decided to troll the eastern side first. Well as usual there was plenty of bait schools on the sounder and some arches but nothing wanted to eat my squid. By 8am the wind had picked up considerably and trolling had become a struggle.

Headed up to Lovett Bay were there was a bit of shelter and continued trolling but again no takers. By 11am the breeze was blowing hard and keeping the tinny in a straight line was almost impossible. Decided to call it quits. Again a donut.

Here they are

Sydney Harbour Sun 4/12

Another early start this time form Roseville with my mate Lee in his boat saw on the water by 6am. Stopped at Balmoral on the way out were I caught a Large Calamari squid but that was about it. With a couple of squid left over form the day before we started our troll off Quarantine Point then out turning left up to Manly but no takers.

We turned around and headed back in before heading to the eastern wedding cake marker. Anchoring up about 20m away we started our burley trail and in no time the area was infested with yakkas. We threw out our squid on floats waiting for some action.

Ten minutes had past when bang the float goes down and the rod bents over. I grab the rod and proceed to bring in a rat king to 55cm. a quick pic and back into the water he goes. You beauty first of the day and 2nd for the year. Things went quite and with the westerly picking up we moved over to the other wedding cake to try our luck there. Again out goes the squid on a float and the burley trail is going.

After about 15 minutes things are pretty quite with not even a yakka to be seen i decide to clean up my tackle box, bad decision. with my head buried in the tackle box out of the corner of my eye i see my rod bent. Dropping everything i grab my rod but it's stuck in the holder. After a bit of wrestling i got it out and strike but the hooks are spat and i missed him. And to rub salt into the wounds i wind in the float and who's trailing behind but 2 good size kings having a laugh at me. We stayed for a while longer but with no more takers we decide to move on.

Heading back up to middle harbour we stopped off at Balmoral again to see if we can catch some squid. In 5 minutes our first squid is brought to the side of the boat and he's not happy. Ink is squirted everywhere(not on us thankfully) before he's coaxed into the boat and into the esky. Looking over the side at the ink move away i noticed something lurking in the shadows. It proceeds to circle the boat and then leaves. Due to the waves on the water i couldn't make out what is was. We throw the jigs out again and another squid is brought to the boat and again ink is everywhere. Right on cue the shadow reappears but this time i get a better look and its good size Kingfish. In a made rush to get some bait in the water, Lee throws a squid head over the side while i try and put a live one on. The Kingy comes up to have a look at the squid head but he's not interested and moves off. I eventually throw the squid on the float over the side and resume jigging. about 10 minutes have gone when bang the rod goes over but this time I'm ready. I grab the rod and strike and off he goes. I set the drag fairly tight as we were fishing in only 3m of water with a few rocks around but he still manages to take line off me. After a 10 minute fight i finally get along side the boat and into the net he goes. We measure him and he goes 65cm, my first legal Kingy you bloody beauty. A couple of pics and into the esky for dinner and he tasted superb.

We caught another 3 squid and trolled from Seaforth Bluff to Pickering point for no takers before heading home.post-617-1133756482_thumb.jpg

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I think I saw you guys on Sunday. We were on the small fibreglass boat that went back and forth to anchor up properly. My mate had a couple of hits, and myself had a decent run for a few seconds, they all spat their hooks after a few seconds :(

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