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Harbour Mangroves

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Heyas all,

I'm normally not an overtly political fisho but I do have an eye for things that definitely don't make sense! Don't know if you read the article in SMH today titled 'Great leap forward on foreshore footpath' about building a 17km footpath along Sydney Harbour's foreshore, but I found this little gem in the middle of the article:


One concern was the fate of the mangroves that lined the bay, she said. The original plan said all the mangroves should be retained, but after public consultation just one-third will be preserved.

"Having the mangroves in a smaller area than originally proposed will make a contribution to the bay … encouraging fish life and bird life," Cr Kemmis said.


Ummm...HUH?! Taking out mangroves will encourage fish and bird life? Which public figures did they consult? Those who live in expensive waterfront developments that hate the mozzies and smells that the nearby mangrove swamps give off? Or are they assuming that fish and birds are starting to go upmarket and also want to live in high rise developments with manicured lawns, swimming pools and gyms?

I hope for the mangroves' sake that the above councillor was quoted out of context!


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Guest maraudingmado

"After public consultation only one third will be preserved" :1badmood::1badmood: . How many of the "joe public" were consulted?? :bump0ee:

Fair dinkum this place is going to the dogs!!!

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