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Sydney Harbour 6/12/05

Guest Boppa

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Gday all

Thanks for the advice from those that responded to my request. :beersmile:

The mates turned up on time and we put in at Roseville ramp by 6.30am :thumbup:

We headed out to the harbour with high expectations :1yikes:

But we just got past the Spit bridge and the motor started playing up so headed for a small beach and found water in under the lid so cleaned and dried things and away she went.

The mates blamed me because I was sitting down the back and the water came in through the back vent where the handle is to lift the cover off :1prop:

Anyway with problem sorted (I hope) we headed and anchored up on the eastern side of Sow and Pigs and tossed the lines in.

Bait used was Prawns, Red spot whiting (which were $4Kg at the fish shop) and squid.

Anyway the action started I had a big run and got busted badly, then the mate got done the same way but then we started landing Bream

We ended up keeping 5 ranging in size from about 31 to 39 cm

Was great sport on a bit of light gear and we will go back to the harbour again

Cheers all

Boppa :beersmile::beersmile::beersmile:

BTW Sorry no pics left the camera at home

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