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Racist comments on posts - not welcome here


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A guy joined fishraider and made his first post asking about a boat motor.

One member posted a fairly racist comment and several members joined in to keep the racist comments coming. The world is sitting on knifes edge with a pandemic and nasty posts are not welcome here. 

Several have broken site rules particularly number 6. Please read our site rules. I am fairly flexible with them but I will not allow our community to become debased or brought into disrepute. 

If you need to sound off against other races go do it on your facebook groups. 

By the way, check where most of your tackle, rods, reels and boat motors blah blah are made ........ just saying

If anyone wishes to message me with any comment on this post then please do so. Thank you to those members who also found the comments distasteful and reported the posts. 


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