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Lure eating cockles?


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Hi all,

There was a bit of pelagic action happening on the parra a few days ago, so I thought it an opportune time to show my dad how to use metals. He struggled to get the retrieve speed up and the lure must have hit the bottom at some point. After not long, he had something on the end of the line but wasn't sure if was a fish. It turned out to be a cockle! The shell was firmly clamped over one arm of the treble.

I have had this happen only once before...two times makes me think maybe it isn't a coincidence? Only thing I can think of is that there must be a cockle bed in front of where we are fishing and we fluked the lure onto an open cockle shell.


Anyone know more?

Cockle was released to live another day...or feed a giant bream.


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It’s happened to me on several occasions fishing St George’s Basin, fishing hard bodied prawn imitations. 
I don’t know any more other than it isn’t rare and they don’t seem interested in plastics or blades. 

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