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Beach workout


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Tried a beach a bit further south on this trip (Tilba).  The fish were pretty much non stop and a variety, from banjo rays, sharks, bream, tailor and flathead. We went through 4 salmon and 4 tailor as bait in just two hours, as well as two bags of frozen salmon and tailor. The highlight of the night was a very big shark which dragged my son about 1km down the beach. It was pretty funny watching all the head torches head off down the beach, from 5 extra kids which had joined us on the beach (with their parents in their car). 

The funny thing was, even though the other people who joined us had 5 rods out, they didn't actually catch a single fish even though they used my hooks, sinkers and bait. This was down to sinking their hooks too deep into the baits and reeling in every time they had a bite. I did try and help them them but I think old habits are hard to change for some people.


_DSC3845.thumb.jpg.4f0e5e3d63cc58d2be9c5889430a4752.jpg  _DSC3849.jpg.928182dce67da21ab228d6f2300cf9f8.jpg  _DSC3862.jpg.e43b1d3e519b95977ee90479218fb20e.jpg  _DSC3872.jpg.08db121a835a4c171d7557dbeed88562.jpg  _DSC3884.jpg.6a16bd49ba029a3195843fe805664104.jpg  _DSC3888.thumb.jpg.e39b649360d0ac76ef49496ca0e302ed.jpg

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12 hours ago, 61 crusher said:

Another great session in ideal conditions got to love the simple sessions without all the hassle of a boat 

Took the boat out yesterday, first problem was the petrol station opened 1 hr later than they state on their site, so sat there waiting.

Got stopped half way to Montague by marintime ( as I did on my last trip ) to check we had all the gear and knew the forcast etc ( was 20+knots of sw). 

As soon as we got out there six seals rushed over to us and would not leave. Every king was taken by seals or sharks, they even took jigs which wearnt hooked into fish. Between myself and two of my kids we lost $150+ worth of lures when we decided enough was enough and headed home fishless!!!!

Life is so much easier on the beach!!!

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4 hours ago, Rob81 said:

Are those the beachmaster rod holders you guys are using?

Yes, I have four of them and highly recommend them. They hold even with heavy drag settings, never had a rod pull over since getting them about ten years ago.

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Thanks for letting me know JonD.

Yeah I've been eyeing them for the last few years now and thought they would be great for the beach and rocks.

I just need to think whether I really need it these days as my fishing habbits/style has changed compared to when i first looked into them. I don't like to have gear doing nothing unless its a display item and this isn't something I would have on display.


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