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Cape banks Botany Bay question


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So i am planning to go out of through botany heads this weekend to see if i can try get a snapper ( fingers crossed ) and have been doing some research and came across a old fishraider post that had the below map. Just wanted to know what do the colours on the chart indicate if anything ..... green is obviously land.... is dark brown rock/reef , yellow sand ??

Also what are these charts known as as want to try google search for more like this..... 


Finally do fellow raider think that snapper can be found outside the heads or is it the wrong tie of year. I will try off kurnell carpark, the lighthouse... cape banks maybe


cape banks.png

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Hey Bud

The chart is from a chart put together by the department of public works back in 1989.

I have pdf scanned copies of the charts from bondi to box head, and part scans of bondi to cape banks. I would be happy to share them with you if you inbox me your email. Here is the key from the chart 


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awesome effort....thank you so much i managed to download the file and get it working. here is the output of the file which shows Malabar head and beach and rock/reef is the similar to what GoneFishing had provided 


image.thumb.png.1c72c5a8ce5a851238fe57c8feacfac6.pngthanks thanks thanks



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