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Sea Cur

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The weather looked OK for a trip to Browns Mountain last weekend so my mate and I headed out to bottom bash with out deep drop rigs. After no outside fishing as a result of surgery for colon cancer last year and still on chemotherapy I was keen to see if I could cope with the ride out in an under 6 m centre console. The ride wasn't too flash but my mate (he's 35 and I'm 76) set up a camp seat at the stern so I didn't have  to stand all the way out. The 1.5 m swell on the way out wasn't too bad until the camp seat disintegrated with.

We got there in just over an hour and a half and used out old marks o start our drifts. There was a strong current running to the west (hence the swell with the wind from the west (went east later in the day)  running against it. My mate pulled up a reasonable cod and I brought up two medium to smaller gem fish. The  next two or three drifts were zeros and were a bit bumpy and quite fast. We then moved to set a drift across some other marks we have and the cod were there. I pulled up two cod with the bigger of the two at 15.6 kgs. I was sure it was over 20 kgs but the scales don't lie.

A great day out and lots of fillets for our family and my happy neighbours. My mate was using an Alvey winch plus his big reel but I used my fabulous electric reel. How good is that invention. We were showing 450 m on the sounder but my electric display showed 560 which was as a result of the drift speed and line angle. Glad I wasn't winding up by hand from that depth. Check out my mate winding hard, a mid sized cod just pulled up and bled and back home for the obligatory photo. Hard to hold slippery  fish.9B1C5597-606C-478D-84F7-01EABC12AE50_1_105_c.thumb.jpeg.b86545cfb784e5525a61a65b9c0d1cd5.jpegA5B03476-D11A-41B5-824B-099F6684885A_1_105_c.thumb.jpeg.d4ba5154bc1a35619e62a2fa4eed2de6.jpeg


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Hi Sea Cur. Great to see you push the boundaries with a trip like that mate. Glad that you managed to get a few feeds and (more importantly) enjoy the day with your electric reel. Must have been bloody hard work dragging fish from the depths before they came into regular use. Thanks for the post. Cheers, bn

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Ripper fish and Great effort Sea Cur, winding by hand that depth is a big call. Good to hear your doing OK and back to fishing.
Could you PM me your reel, been thinking of getting an electric for some time and there is a huge variation in makes and quality (and prices) it would be good to get you thoughts

cheers on those cod.

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