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Sydney Harbour

Blood Knot

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Spent Tuesday on the Harbour with my daughter and mate Pete - kicked off from Gladesville ramp at 5.30 and had the live bait tank choca with yakkas by 6.30. Unfortunately all down hill from there. Always seems to be the case - easy bait collection = no kingies.

Has any one else experienced this phenomena ? Any way I'll finish the sad tale, soaked the yakkas at North head (yellow buoy), the spit, sugar loaf bay, spit again back to north head again, then south head and back to the wedding cakes for zip kingies.

Berleyed profusely and through sluggo’s around structure etc + floated yakkas on balloons and trolled lures etc. Maybe we should have taken a kitchen sink to throw at em, or may be we should have had the patience to catch a few squid. Seemed a bit quiet for most of the boats out there, as we did not see any of them who seemed to be doing the same frustrating circuit as us, bend a rod.

One solitary highlight amongst the numerous juvenile snapper boated during the day was a large brown fish I picked up on bream gear at South Head. Must have been 1.5 -2 kg and gave a couple of good runs trying to get back down amongst the rocks (will try and post a pic as I am not sure exactly what it was. (Some sort of groper perhaps with largish protruding peg like teeth)

Got to get a couple of kings next time


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Better luck next time Bloodknot. Maybe ya mate is bad luck, that would have been my excuse. Hope you have a better time with the Kings next time you get out. I would definately spend a bit of time tryin to get a few squid though. Im goin out on the 29th for an arvo sess then a quick snooze through the nite and up with the sun in the morning . Lookin forward to that I can tell ya.

Happy :1fishing1: Russ

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Blood Knot

From reading all the reports from last weekend it sounds like the Kingies were a bit scarce (with the exception of a couple of Raiders who seem to have got a few out near Maroubra).

Several have theorised that it was the influence of the strong westerly wind - i.e. prior to the wind showing up a current of warm blue water had pushed into Sydney and actually touched land over Wed - Friday last week bringing bait and turning on the predators. The big westerly came in on Saturday/Sunday and blew it all back out to sea, leaving us with the colder green water that has shut the fishing down so much lately.

Dunno if this is correct, I'm just trying to make sense of all the reports I'm reading, but maybe westerly weather is no good for Sydney Kings?

Were there any fish on the sounder?


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Thanks for the fish ID work guys. I assume the female/juvenile groper (even in brown clothing) is pretty good on the table, it probably would be, cause I threw it back.

Russ, you could be on to something with the mate thing. Think it offends the fishing gods to go out with someone who hasn't largered up for a while.

Mondo - the sounder was on & off the fritz for most of the day, so cant help you much there - Also snapped one of the rod holders that the cutting board sits in as I leant on it to hard whilst trying to access the landing net I was inconveniently standing on. (bloody feet).

And to top that off my daughter got sunburnt and had to have a day off work and my wife lectured me for returning home with damaged off spring.

It can only get better


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Blue Grouper are well over rated as table fare.

They are not bad but there are so many better fish out there to eat.

However they pull bloody hard!!!!!

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