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Ramsgate Beach Groyne Blackfish


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General area you were fishing?

Ramsgate Beach groynes. Learned to fish this place by @LandBasedKeith.Was raining pretty heavily for most of the 3 hrs but no wind.

What time did you leave and return? 

10am - 1pm. From middle of the tide to high tide. 

What style of fishing were you doing? 

Fishing for blackfish with a pencil float and seaweed as bait.

What gear did you use? 

Black Queen Deluxe rod, light reel and 12lb line. 8gram pencil float and Size 8 hook. 

Were you land based or from a boat? 

Land. From the groynes. Very slippery went wet with joggers. Cautious of slipping when netting fish or casting.









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