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deep and slow...


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...lure trolling!


Hi FR, I recently watched a video on YouTube about slow trolling bibbed minnows over shallow reef. Looked to be deep divers around 12-14cm.

I haven patch of sandy area that has produced flatties and mulloway in the past that id like to try but its in waters about 20-25m deep.

My bibbed minnows state a max of 21ft I think from memory so that's only 7m of the depth. Similar size to those in the video I saw.

I don't have a downrigger and remember trying a paternost rig with several snapper leads not reaally working and was super heavy to retrieve on my snapper setup (5-8kg rod, 20lb line).

Any ideas (like maybe a huge ball sinker in a running rig setup?) to get my lures down there? Don't want to use those huge bibbed minnows rated for deeper depths as they might be too big (though on their own, still wouldn't get to that depth). I think in 25m of water, the target would be almost bottom. Maybe its impossible....

Thanks all and looking forward to hearing ideas and experiences!

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The way is using these clips or even just a 3 way swivel with the sinker attached to the centre swivel eye with a short bit of mono to make a cheap mans downrigger.

Its the same as if your using it as a live bait set up.


Its a matter of working out the weight t speed ratio.


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Another option might be a really big barrel sinker a few meters up the line with a stopper either side so it doesn’t move or tangle up, pros used that set up with swivels crimps or rings to get there trolling skirts to run deeper 

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52 minutes ago, rickmarlin62 said:

Try a paravane

Have you ever used one & been successful in its application?

I know they are cheap & been around for years but do they actually work??

Some interesting reading @antman



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You could use a trolling sinker. I have a couple and they are pretty easy to use and no great water resistance. I don’t feel they are any worse then a down rigger in the limited circumstances I use them - which is not particularly deep - I think it’s 8 metres.

the ones I have are 4 and 8 ounce and are like a very thin barrel with wire loops at either end. I think they are 100mm long or thereabouts. Not perfect but a good Compromise for those without downriggers.


not too sure how they would go at 25 metres though. I have used the 4 ounce one which gives a nice slow troll at 10 metres.


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