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Hairtail.. Tough going but they are their


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Quick report on hairtail scene at the Cowan/Hawksbury system..I have been going out once a week with a good mate for the past three weeks chasing the elusive hairtail and managed a couple of hairtail per trip. They have all taking a liking to pilchards on gangs with a red glow stick, but this season the majority of hooks ups seem to happen a couple of hours before sunset and just into the night. Tried toughing it out through the cold a chilly AM hours for donuts🥶 WB has been absolutely dead compared to previous years and JB has been the go to.. Raiders what are your thoughts and experiences? 




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13 hours ago, mrsswordfisherman said:

Nice try Jeremy @quintrex52

We have done about 6 trips there this year. On one occasion we caught plenty and the other trips zero, one or two.

Agreed they are there in the late afternoon and in Jerusalem Bay. Waratah has not been any good at all. 
Check out my post from last week


Great post 👌

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