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Wanda beach -infestations of large tailor


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The beach was a bit hard to fish this past weekends due to the large swells last week washed quite a bit of beach away and washed up mountains sea weed filling the deep gutters around access gate 6 and 7.

anyway, if you do not mind a bit of walk to the north, you can still get a bit of clean water after the 2km signage. Water was shallower but it is nevertheless richer in structures.

Managed two trips one in each nights. 6:30-9:00 pm on Saturday and 5:00 - 8:30 pm on Sunday. Yield was 7 tailors on Saturday and three on Sunday. I also took a 40cm flattie and a  35 treveley.

The bonzer whaler is also back on the beach. I have not caught a shark for some time from Wanda but I came across them on both days this week.

the larger tailors were high 40 nearing 50 cm and very fat. Only three below 40cm which is my favourite size for tailors. 

Two went down as green curry dish and the other 8 should last me two weeks no problems 






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