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Council notice for on street storage - heads up


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Hi All,

Just a heads up for others that store their boat and trailer in the streets.

My boat has been stored on the trailer outside my dad's in the Willoughby Council area for quite a long time. My dad advised me on Friday the 26th of June that there was a note on the boat which it turns out had been placed by Council 3 days earlier advising that it was unregistered and abandoned and was going to be collected in three days.

Both trailer and boat were registered and I have just renewed both recently. At no time has either registration lapsed.

I'll own the fact it had been sitting there for a fair while and that there was a build up of pine needles on it. What pissed me off is that the notice was mostly under the tarpaulin and so difficult to see and secondly that there was only 3 days warning without advising the owner (what if I'd been overseas or if dad hadn't seen it). I didn't want to risk it so I shifted it that evening.

I know some Councils are warning that trailers must be moved within 28 days but what I don't know is how far. Is 10m sufficient? I used to store it in the back streets behind my place in front of a park and rarely had problems finding a spot. Just found that down through the years there were more cars in the area and it was getting hard to find a place without inconveniencing others.




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15 minutes ago, frankS said:

Derek. Is there a number plate attached to the trailer ?. if so it would be easy for the council to tell that it was registered and therefor legally parked.


Yes there was and it was in clear view too. I preferred the old days when you had the rego stickers. No doubt then.

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Some neighbour doesn't like the trailer there. The boat doesn't have to be registered as long as the trailer is you can park legally  there provided the combo is not longer than 7.5 mtrs ( tip of the coupling to tip of the leg). You are correct you have to move it within 28 days at least past the nearest cross street. Have a read on the governments website.

Council will have to make an effort to find out who the owner is and if boat and trailer owners are the same before they can impound.


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Unbelievable......things like this really get my blood boiling.

Where on earth is someone supposed to park their boat if it cant be parked on the kerbside. Not everyone has an enormous front yard or a driveway that can be sacrificed.

Australia, wheres theres a law against everything and anything.

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33 minutes ago, kingie chaser said:

Did you speak to someone in the council about it Derek & actually find out their policy on boat parking ?

No didn't get the chance. Had a full weekend booked up already and for some reason I don't see too many people in Council working on Saturday. On a side note my dad had been patient enough with me leaving it there for a long time and wanted the spot back so it was easier just to move it.

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It must be a nightmare having a boat and being unable to park it anywhere other than the street. How would you go if you lived in an area where there were parking meters? Does anybody ever get their boat vandalised?


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