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Parramatta River Bream


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Hi Raiders,

This is my first fishing report. I have been with this great site for a while as "TinnyFisher" but I have changed the log-in as the old one sounded too corny :( .

After got home from work and got the chores out of the way I went down to the rocks around Putney about 7.30 pm. The tide was running out and the river is quiet and peaceful. First I wade out to the sand flat. First cast with Berkley worm - snagged and lost my jig head :1badmood: . I replace the jig head and decided to put on a small black crab, thinking if Berkley can sell crab soft plastic the a live one on a jig head should work. I walked 10 meter to a rocky lege and cast out. Immediately I saw some movement in the 4 lb fireline. I waited a few second for a definite pull and then lifted the rod. This resulted in a solid hook up with the fish took me for a few short run and then pulled the line to the right side and lodge himself behind a large submerged boulder . Not wanting to pull too hard I walked over applying weight the whole time. When I got myself front on I did not feel anymore fish movement I though the fish was gone. To my pleasant surprise a bit more weight led to more fish tugging action and I slowly coerced into the shore this beautiful 35 cm bream :1yikes:

I took a few photos then release the fish to fight another day ( not game to eat fish from this area anyway).

I was stoked. I put on the second crab and cast out. This resulted in another snag and lost jig. I re-rig and while looking for more crab found a mud skipper. So the mud skipper went onto the jig and got cast out. Unfortunately mud skipper wasnt popular. I moved another 10 meter and replaced the mudskipper with another crab. 3rd cast saw the line being pulled and then another solid take with the drag singin a few times ( we all know how lovely that sounds, ) after a fair tussel I guided this 32 cm specimen onto the rocks. She was released afdter another photo session. I am pretty happy for my effort so far. after another take without hooking and the light fading I called it the night.

It was a great evening fish without having to take 1 hour to unpack and clean the boat. :yahoo::yahoo:

Good fishing weekend to all.


somehow first photo didnt show. trying againpost-1400-1134129476_thumb.jpg

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Good report there Dean. There's nothing wrong with a land based session like that. :biggrin2:

Interesting technique with the live bait on the jig heads. I have done that once before using prawns with good results, and I'll probably use it again, if I ever go back to using bait.

Well done mate. Looking forward to seeing your future reports. :thumbup:



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