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A "modified Bm" Cr


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G'day raiders. Hadn't been posting for awhile but did had a few sessions on and off after work lately. Went for a quick late arvo session yesterday seeing that the wind was not rough. Arrived at the airport vicinity and was greeted by a moderate blow of easterly. Couldn't care less and decided to use hb 1st instead. 1st cast of my Smilin Jack pinky which almost came near my feet had a bream that came out of the shadows and took the lure when it was slowly floating up. But alas it took a little drag before throwing the hook. :ranting2: After a few more casts without takers, decided to change to a pak rat. These things float too fast! :thumbdown: Anyway, the rattles were the only good thing and up came a chopper.


After trying out a few more HBs to no avail, decided to switch to sp. Saw a "modified bm" in my tackle box and thought might as well use it since this spot was relatively new to me and not knowing how the terrain is like at the bottom. 1st few casts later up came a 39cm flattie.


Ok, new spot for me produced something, instant morale booster. Off she went back the drink. Hmm.. the modified bm seems to work. Then, the most exhilarating moment came when after a few casts later, had a sudden big take and then STRIKE!... woohoo... FISH ON! Later found out my drag was a little loose and she started taking line. But alas, she did only 2-3 runs before giving up and up came my pb bream of 40cm. :yahoo:


Had a little drama releasing this big girl when she just refused to swim correctly. Her belly was upside down and she just kept flapping one side of her fins, resulting in her swimming in circles. :wacko: However, after a few nerve wrecking moments she decided to fine-tune herself and took like 5mins to get back under. Seeing that quite some time had been wasted on her and it was almost dark, I put in a few more casts. Felt a few bites and decided to strike, yup, fish on again. Suddenly this bugger took line like a big bream and I was completely stunned. Man... it felt even better than the previous bream. Well, towards the surface, I saw a long-ish body and knew it was a different specie for me. YES, I scored my 1st whiting and furthermore on a lure!! It went 35cm!!! :1clap:


I was like... wow... these whitings are unbelievable fighters. They seriously can pull line! :1worthy: Off she went back into the drink and it was completely dark. The bites were off but managed to pull out 2 more breams before pulling the plug.





Had a superb session breaking my pb and getting a great experience from the whiting, and not forgetting the variety of fish I landed. The modified bm is actually a 3inch pseed which had its tail bitten off previously by a toad. So basically to get back into its original state, I just use a scissor and trim it into a 2inch model. :1prop: Yes... I'm a cheapskate, but hey, I'm recycling!


The modified bm

Happy fishing guys & gals! :1fishing1: Tight lines!

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Sounds like you had a great time,

Good report

You can create some amazing looking SP's from the chunks of the left overs from tailor toads and LJackets

All you need is sharp scissors, super glue and your imagination :1prop:

the front end of a Hawg or bug ant with a BM tail is a special on Mr Lizard

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Very nice indeed there CRYSTALLISER and some nice pics as well and that pb bream is a beautifull looking fish :thumbup:

Cheers Stewy

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