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How to remove gear shift linkage pin (tohatsu 30hp)


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Hi All, 

I have a stubborn roll pin which I'm having trouble removing. Im cautious of tapping it hard with a hammer because i dont want to bend the linkage shafts. It's difficult to support the shaft while striking (photo attached of pin position). I keep spraying it with penetrating oil and leaving it - plan on attacking again soon.  

Does anyone use and recommend a tool like this ?


linkage pin.JPG

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That tool is the ants pants, bit expensive for a one off ( or maybe not if you damage the linkage ) if you can support behind the linkage with a substantial block and use the correct size pin punch it will come out you will need to hit it with direct force don’t pussyfoot stainless and aluminium corrode together you need to overcome this. Roll pins can be difficult at times. Heat the aluminium coupling with a heat gun this will help.

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