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Blackfish with strange backbone


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Hi Fishos

Caught 4 nice blackfish on the weekend, when filleting them one of them was really hard to fillet, the explanation appears to be this strange spine deformity! It fought like a demon, and tasted ok. Have you ever seen this? What causes it?


Luderick Deformed Spine & Fillet.JPG.JPG

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I did read about it on the Fisheries site, it's common on Bream, Snapper and Flathead too, nothing wrong with them as far as eating goes, and they haven't been injured in a net or spear, it's just a deformity, I will see if I can find the article. There's also another deformity called"saddleback" especially in Bream, it looks like a notch just behind the head, this is also a genetic deformity, not a net or spear injury.

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6 minutes ago, Yowie said:

I pulled up a blue spot flattie yesterday, it looked like the Hunchback of Notre Dame, never seen one as deformed.

It was undersized so was sent back.

Yes, it is common, but I have only seen it in Bream, Flathead, Snapper and Blackfish.

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