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Are these boats risers rusted?


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I'm looking at two identical boats for sale (searay 180) and I've been told to check for rust around the risers. 

You can see the pictures of the two risers below. What are your thoughts on the condition of each. 

Appreciate your help. 



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Hi Blatros,

I'm afraid that you will only get a vague indication of condition by looking at the outside.

The only way to tell is by removing the jacket and inspecting the inside of the riser on water jackets.

If there is obvious heavy corrosion rust staining on the outside then be wary.

Engine overheating may also indicate rusted out risers.

But as I said, you have to remove to inspect.


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it is possible that's a fair statement, but to be honest, you just can't tell.

The second photo appears to be externally in better condition, but that is not any guarantee about the internals.

Wish it was easier than that, but its not!

Get the service logs....might be a better guide than external appearance.

Good luck with it, whatever you decide.

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