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Hey guys, anyone had experience with New Wave Marine Insurance (RedSky Insurance Pty Ltd) I'm trying to get a policy,New Wave offered the policy, after an online application and reviving a copy of the survey.

Nautilus stated that-

"Unfortunately we are unable to offer any cover on this vessel due to a combination of the location and mooring type falling outside our underwriting guidelines" 

Club marine-

"that the Cruisers Market Value is required to meet our minimum values or above, based on the length of the boat" apparently I should have spent more, better tell the wife that one....

NRMA have given me a price over the phone but, I'm awaiting conformation once they receive the Marine Survey.

fingers crossed NRMA offer a policy.




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We have a policy with Nautilus and its crap

Not sure if its because we are noobs but we had a incident and they are making us pay 30% of the repair cost to the motor because it is over 5yrs old.    13yr old boat with only 50hrs on the motor.

We asked to see how they came up with that figure as it is not in the PDS and they cancelled our claim after firstly agreeing to it.

Not sure if this is standard on all insurances but beware with older boats 

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I’ve been with club marine for 10 years now & have stayed with them because in the second year made a claim re broken down car on a long weekend just south of P Stephens, initially they were only interested in getting the boat back to Sydney but after too & froing re the car not being there issue I managed to find a tow company willing to table top the car & tow the boat & have enough space for four of us & the pooch, they paid the bill no probs I think our daughters 6 & 8 helped clinch the deal & there generosity 

Have met others who’ve been happy with their experiences 

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