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My Time In The Big Smoke


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Hi All

Arrived in the 'smoke' Thursday PM and after unpacking the little car we came in, I went down to Blues Point as someone suggested. Third cast and I was on - 80 metres of fireline ripped off the bream reel in one run and I decided it was NOT a bream :1prop: . Recovered some line, lost some line, recovered some line. lost some line etc until I had the beast close in when it dived deep and everything came unstuck. Must be a small kingie. Flogged on until dark for nothing else. Used either the flick bait or the dropshot minnow.

Friday - sister is out from England and hadn't see the Hawkesbury for years - joy o joy day out in Akuna Bay :1fishing1: . Small bream galore but nothing of any size except a large turtle grazing along the edge. Friday night was back at Blues and almost the same as Thursday night, except I was on the eastern side of Blues not the western side. Again, third cast and line gets peeled off the bream outfit and again fish lost near the edge due to a dive under a rock.

Saturday - decided to have a look at Bradley's Head. Seen in a squillion times going past in a ship as I was going to sea or coming back in my years in the Navy, but never from the shore. If you ever want to get ridof soft plastics - that is the place. Hundreds of toads and leatheries queued up to strip softies from jigs. Never get more than one cast out of anything except some 25 year old plastics - they lasted for three casts.

Tried Blues again in the evening, but the southerly had rolled in and it was uncomfortable and cold so we settled for a few :beersmile::beersmile::beersmile: back at the unit.


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good on ya pop.

im just about to go out for a fish. wind is up but sall good. you have inspired me further goin to buy some soft plastics this arvo. hopefully my mates have a bit of fun as they only bought their rods yesterday due to me yappin on aobut how great fishing is the last 2 months as thats when i started. nice report glad you had a few runs on the fishies.


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Sounds like you had an interesting time there granpop. That's a great action shot by the way!

The toads and leatheries belong to the same club as small choppers, bloody pests! :ranting2:

Its a shame you couldn't land the big one, but there's always next time. :biggrin2:



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